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i-o informatie-organisatie bv is acting as the holding company for several activities.

The company is in its oriigin established in 1992.

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The company i-o informatie-organisatie bv iwas established in 1992. Initially it was founded to provide support on appliactions developped in Foxbase/FoxPro. It evoluated though education towards interim management, business development and consultancy. Main focus is in media and telecommunications.


Side activities are real estate, classic cars and investments.

Dog breeding is an activitiy that is housed and funded only.


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  • Real estate


Small scale housing for companies in their initial phase. You also may benefit from the business development capabilities of Altos Advisors, housed at the same location.


  • Contact

po box 8


The Netherlands


Elskensakker 26


The Netherlands


+31 497785318

+31 36 8450388


Cell +32 473254012

Cell +31 641756460


KVK 39052364


email: info@iobv.nl


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  • Philosophy


The basics of the philosophy are keep it simple, no is not an answer and get the impossible done. This runs through all the activities: the result is what counts.


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  • Co-operations


The company co-operates with other companies and individuals it its large network. This is a benefit to the customer who always can count of the best fitting solution instead of what is available.


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